Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fabulous First Aiders

Our inquiry topic in D6 for this term is Safety. So, as a part of our studies, we were visited today  by Gayle from the Red Cross to teach us all about First Aid. We learnt that we must remember 6 letters when we give first aid.

The letters are: D. R. S. A. B. C. and stand for:

Danger  - Check that there isn't anything dangerous around the casualty.
Response - Squeeze the casualty's shoulder - not shake - and shout their name to see if they respond.
Send - Send somebody to get help. Either a grown up or dial 111.
Airway - Make sure that you clear the airway so the casualty can keep breathing.
Breathing - Make sure that your caualty can now breathe, and put them in the recovery position.
Circulation - Protect yourself from any blood, and try to stop any bleeding so that the casualty won't lose any more circulation.

Below are some pictures showing us learning about first aid, demonstrating scenarios that require first aid, and us practicing what we have learnt.

D6 listening very carefully.

Working as a team.

Gayle demonstrating with Dakota how to check for a response.
Writing our answers down. 
Hayley and Zakira practicing calling 111 for an emergency.

Kara reading about airways.

Gayle demonstrating on Allan how to put someone in the recovery position.

Sebastian and Kevin practising first aid on Iain.

We are now proud to call ourselves trained first aiders! Check out our glossary below:

111 - the number to call for help when there is an emergency
airway - the passage between the lungs and your mouth
casualty - the person who is injured or sick
circulation - how the blood moves around the body
recovery position - the position we put an unconscious person in so they can stay safe until an ambulance arrives

Friday, 1 March 2013


Before Editing:
Miss Farr was talking to her class when a sneaky bird flew in the window.

During Editing:

Miss Farr was talking chattering to her lovely, beautiful, delightful, noisy class when all of a sudden sneaky, clumsy, brown bird sparrow flew in the window, right before their eyes.!

After Editing:
Miss Farr was chattering to her lovely, beautiful, delightful, noisy class when all of a sudden a sneaky, clumsy, brown sparrow flew in the window, right before their eyes!

*Based on a true story.