Friday, 7 April 2017

Camp 2017- Me, Before and Now

It was finally the day of camp (this was me before) I was scared and terrified. I missed my parents already! “Time to get on the bus” said Miss McHugh. We arrived, we all put our bags in a building and ate then we put our bags in the cabins. Our first activity was archery - it was hard but also it was exciting. My second activity was rafts one of my favourites. One day gone, three to go!

The second day was fun. My favourite food was there, the chicken was delicious.I also overcame my fear of heights and what I mean about heights is I’m talking about the legendary flying fox! I learnt how to row a kayak and maybe one day I can teach people.

It was the last day of camp, back to school! I was sad because i didn’t go on the water slide but I’m happy because I got to see my parents. This is the new me! I am not really afraid of heights and I got to know everyone. Pap East here I come!

Camp Poem

Yummy dinner
Encouraging people  
Awesome fun
Really safe

Super exciting
Ipad’s recording
Xtra friendly

Cute cat
Amazing time
Muddy lake
Peaceful day
By Sisilia

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 camp was amazing but scary. My favorite activity was the water slide because you can go really fast. The raft is my second favorite because on the raft the teachers got to push us off.

After that we had afternoon tea, which was 2 biscuits and a cup of water and fruit.

Then we had free choice. Esther, Amalani, Amina, Boanerges, Sisilia, Maddy, Epi, Ane and I went to the rafts. The boys tried to push us off but we pushed them off and all of the girls laughed.

The Funny Moment

On a hot sunny day at camp I had eaten my lunch and was nearly going on the playground, when suddenly I saw the spider-web. I quickly sprinted to the spider-web. I got the rope and began to swing. I started to clamber up the net.

As I reached the top, I rolled and I dropped into the small net. I couldn’t get out of the net because I was stuck. I was yelling for help like I was in danger. Then suddenly, the camp bell rang! I was so nervous because I was   still stuck in the net.

Then I knew a way to get out, I stood on my feet and jumped. I had to run like a cheetah because I was late then suddenly everyone laughed at me. Finally I got in my cabin group and I was safe.

My Camp Poem

Camp Poem
Yummy food
Exciting trip
Amazing activities
Really awesome

Slid in the water slide
Interesting camp trip
Extra clothing

Camp is awesome
Awesome camp days
Manage to sleep at night
Prepare to go to camp

By Andy

My Camp Likes and Dislikes

My likes at camp
Water Slide
Dining Room
Country side
Flying Fox
The Water
Balance island

My dislikes at camp
Co-op challenge

Camp Review

When the Year 6’s went to camp, I loved it!!

When it was time to do the activities, I was so excited. My first activity was the Kayaks. My arms were getting really sore because of holding the paddle for too long.

The dinner was so scrumptious because I ate it up so so fast. Next we had dessert. For dessert we had cookies and cream ice cream. Delicious!

At night time we all brushed our teeth and went to bed. In the middle of the night, my cabin saw flashlights dancing around.

‘’Rise and shine everybody’’ said Mr T.

Year Six Camp 2017

One sunny morning, all of the Year Sixes got up to get ready for camp. So our parents dropped us off at school, a couple of hours later the two busses arrived. So we loaded the busses up with all our luggage then the girls got to go on first and then the boys went on busses. We sang songs on the bus, all of us said “Finally! We are here!” and “Wow, I thought it would be different!” but there we were in the cabins. You would be surprised at how they looked. Then we chose our beds which weren’t comfy at all! Then we had lunch - mmm yummy!

Then we had to go to our first activity which was BMX. I got my BMX license! Next we had trolleys. I tried it, it was kind of fun but I didn’t like it very much. The next day, Mr. Tevita woke us up. I yawned. We all got up to get out of our PJ’s. It was fun after breaky, we played on playground. I went on the see-saw. Did I mention Mr. Tavita swang on the swing, then after that Navlean broke it so I told Mr. Tavita.  Mr. Tavita tolled Navlean off. Hope you enjoyed my story.

Camp Inspiration

During camp I experienced many fun but scary activities like the water slide and the flying fox.

These two experiences helped me to overcome my fear of heights and to enjoy myself without hesitating too much. Some activities were tiring and some activities were scary.

Here’s my advice to others going to camp: have fun, try all the activities, be brave and be the best you can be!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Camp recount

Camp was amazing but exhausting. My favourite highlight was the Waterslide because getting wet is amazing.

My least favourite highlight was rafts because you couldn't paddle properly and you also couldn't balance too!

I loved the food and the movie night. My cabin buddies were great and fun.
I would love to go to Chosen Valley again!

2017 CAMP

Camp poem

Yummy food 
Exhausting but cool activities
Awesome cabin buddies
Really cool chefs

Sassy and hilarious people
I-pad taking photos and video
Xtremely cool dancing

Cool playground 
Amazing and intresting grace
Make good choices
Playing and getting to know each other

My Camp Experience

Lily's perspective:
At Camp, we did a pile of entertaining content, scrumptious meals and amusing activities. Year 5’s, you’ll have to do this next year, it’s going to be surprising and you will have mouth-watering desserts that will make you want more. I won't spoil it for you but… the cabins won't be what you're expecting. I have dreamed up an acrostic poem for this post, here it is:

Year six
Energised kids
Archery cramps
Racing tracks

Submerging underwater
Impaling targets
Xtra tasks

Creaking mattresses
Ability testing
Mad hatters
Pampered parents

I hope you enjoyed my perspective!

Epi’s perspective:
At camp, we did a lot of activities and ate the yummy food provided. I have made an acrostic poem and it goes like this:

Year 6’s go to camp
Entertaining week
Awesome Parents
Revolting smelly pond

Some tears
Individual fears
Xtra kindness and friendship gained

Confidence gained
Applause for those who tried
Mums worried
Playful time
And for the Year 5’ s reading this: remember that at camp you will have the time of your life because I know that I did!

By: Epiroslaina Magalei and Lily Zhang

Year 6 Camp



Xtra fun 


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Astonishing Camp Poem

Excited kids
Amused by

Staying at camp
In cabins spending
Xtra time with friends

Comforting them
After a
Marvelously fun time
Playing and praying at camp

Year 6 Camp Poem

Yum food
Encourage people
Amazing activities
Really nice lunch

Sling shot on the water slide
Ipads recording
X-tremely fun rafts  

Cute black kitty cat
Awesome time
Marvelous trolleys
People giving respect to you