Monday, 11 April 2016

Diversity by Rishaad

On my comic strip, my main topic is both religion and ISIS. I chose ISIS because there is a lot going on in Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Recently, ISIS took back Palmyra, Syria from the government. The refugees of these areas have been poisoned with real poison and fear of being slaughtered by them. After ISIS emerged in 2011, everybody else in the world hated Muslims and started discriminating Muslims thinking they all were terrorists
There was peace for a while but when ISIS bombed Palmyra, conflict erupted again around the world.
A solution is to set an example for young children to stop discrimination. All your answers will be found in this blogpost.

By Rishaad C3


  1. I think your pic collage is interesting about not discriminating to people and punching people because there eye colour and height

  2. Wow! What a great photo comic about ISIS.It looks like you know a lot about ISIS.

    1. That is quite true Shaniza, but I accept that this is an extremely positive comment