Monday, 11 April 2016

Why discriminate? By Elisha

In my pic collage I put 3 pictures of traditional clothing. One is Maori, 2nd is Samoan, lastly I put a picture of a Indian Sari. Next I used a quote about friendship because it is very precious to me and I think to you too. I put a picture of hands all around earth to represent how we are all different in different ways and all the countries to show how unique and special we all are. Without our colourful cultures our world would be nothing but mean, horrible and selfish. We would all be greedy which is why we have pretty and colourful cultures so we should accept and celebrate that. I used a picture of adults playing netball and kids cheering for them to represent that we all work together as a team even if we're not playing. Lastly I used a picture of all of our religions because we are all different, no one is the same, we should be proud of our differences and that we are all a family - we stick up for one another.

My message is: kindness is the biggest gift you can give someone, if you can't gift that don't gift any thing at all !!!!!

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