Monday, 11 April 2016

Diversity by Sharlene

My poster about Diversity shows how people have different special foods in different cultures. It will also teach you a lesson to not discriminate other people's kinds of food. No one's food is better, just different. Even if you have not tried those kind of foods or what they represent, you should give it a try and they might give you a hand in what you need. You should also not steal - you should ask politely where have you got this special thing from you might find your answer from them. Also don't be rude like discriminate against other people's clothing and skin tone or how they have different kinds of jewellery. You also should never say "Your food is so disgusting!" You should say "Excuse me, what's in your food?" If you have been sensible then they will reply back "Thank you for your compliment, I really appreciate that."

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