Friday, 7 April 2017

Year Six Camp 2017

One sunny morning, all of the Year Sixes got up to get ready for camp. So our parents dropped us off at school, a couple of hours later the two busses arrived. So we loaded the busses up with all our luggage then the girls got to go on first and then the boys went on busses. We sang songs on the bus, all of us said “Finally! We are here!” and “Wow, I thought it would be different!” but there we were in the cabins. You would be surprised at how they looked. Then we chose our beds which weren’t comfy at all! Then we had lunch - mmm yummy!

Then we had to go to our first activity which was BMX. I got my BMX license! Next we had trolleys. I tried it, it was kind of fun but I didn’t like it very much. The next day, Mr. Tevita woke us up. I yawned. We all got up to get out of our PJ’s. It was fun after breaky, we played on playground. I went on the see-saw. Did I mention Mr. Tavita swang on the swing, then after that Navlean broke it so I told Mr. Tavita.  Mr. Tavita tolled Navlean off. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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  1. Shrey and Sarang12:15 pm, May 02, 2017

    That was really a fun and exciting story, especially the part where she broke the swing it was hilarious.