Friday, 7 April 2017

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 camp was amazing but scary. My favorite activity was the water slide because you can go really fast. The raft is my second favorite because on the raft the teachers got to push us off.

After that we had afternoon tea, which was 2 biscuits and a cup of water and fruit.

Then we had free choice. Esther, Amalani, Amina, Boanerges, Sisilia, Maddy, Epi, Ane and I went to the rafts. The boys tried to push us off but we pushed them off and all of the girls laughed.


  1. nice. I am full of laugter

  2. Boanerges & Leena12:13 pm, May 02, 2017

    I like that your post is in sequence and it is very detailed.Im sure everyone had a spectacular time!